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Top Morris Gleitzman books

Welcome to my Morris Gleitzman blog. I hope you enjoy reading:)


Once was published in 2005, and is the opening book in a series of six compelling novels; ONCE, THEN, AFTER, SOON, NOW, and MAYBE. It is written in the perspective of a Jewish boy named Felix, who lives in a Catholic Orphanage for three years. He has book loving parents, who own a bookshop of their own. Felix is convinced they’ll come back for him, but instead, Felix gets mixed up in World War II, a horrid war against the Jews.

It’s heartbreaking, touching, and the kind of book that you want to keep reading. The gory details of the world war follow you through the book, all of which are interesting and horrible. But the truth to Felix’s story is what makes it so great; it really gets to you as a reader. The series is confronting, but one that has so much emotion and character. I highly recommend this book.


Puppy Fat

Puppy Fat stars a young boy named Keith, and all he wants to do is make his parents happy. His mum and dad recently got divorced, yet already his mum is breaking the limit of chocolate finger a night, and his dad is gaining an undesirable potbelly. Keith’s methods; however, are not what you would expect…

In the holidays, Keith’s family get some visitors, beautician Aunty Bev and Keith’s best friend, and their arrival add some extra drama to Keith’s regime to make his parents happy. This book has older themes, and although the story is very made up, it’s very relatable. With Gleitzman’s unique writing style, this book is the perfect package. It’s funny, and sad, but it also has character that only Gleitzman can capture in such a novel.

Puppy Fat is the closing book in it’s trilogy of MISERY GUTS, and WORRY WARTS.



Blabbermouth is the story of a young girl named Rowena Batts. Rowena can’t speak, her best friend is dead, her dad is a huge Carla Tamworth fan and she’s moving to a public school. Rowena has knots in her stomach the size of Antarctica. On the first day at her new school, Rowena makes a worst enemy, and not one you’d want to have at that.

Ordinary events prove to be chaos in Rowena’s changing life. Her dad is the biggest embarrassment that anyone could ask for, but how do you tell that to someone you love? But the silk shirts, singing, and heavy belt buckles are really tipping Rowena over the edge… This book is funny, touching and an absolute amazing novel from Gleitzman. The language, like in most of Gleitzman’s novels, shows character, emotion and quirk.  It’s a great book for a wide range of ages, and short, for those of us who don’t like a chore of a book. 🙂

Morris Gleitzman’s Writing Style

This section of the blog showcases a few (no spoiler) paragraphs by Gleitzman, so you can get an idea of how he writes. I’ll show the title of the book of which I have taken the paragraph from, so if you like the sound of it, you can look up the book. I’ll also include the blurb in italics under it. 🙂

Now- penultimate book in Once series

Once I didn’t know about Felix’s scary childhood. Then I found out what they did to his best friend Zelda. Now I understand why Felix does the things he does. At least he’s got me. My name is Zelda too. This is our story.

But there isn’t anything like that. Just a strange crackling sound behind me.

I turn around. And stare in horror.

Flames are rushing up the bark of one of the trees. Tufts of grass are on fire. At first I don’t understand what’s going on.

Then I do.

Struggling with Josh, I must have knocked a candle over.


I’ve got a knot in my guts the size of Antarctica. Relax guts, it’ll be fine. That’s the great thing about talking in your head. It takes your mind off stress and you don’t get ulcers. If I wasn’t having this conversation I’d be a nervous wreck. Oh no, I can’t believe what dad’s just done…

‘Tonto,’ he said,his face creased up like the way it does when he’s trying to add up the purchase dockets from the wholesaler, ‘sometimes life’s a big shiny red apple and sometimes it’s a bucket of blue mold and disappointment.’

I nodded.

When dad gets upset he tends to talk like a country western song, but he means well.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂







8th Sep, 20

You liked my blog??

8th Sep, 20

yes! My brother loves Morris Gleitzman's books and I was very interested to see a top book list! That is very cool!

8th Sep, 20
inky State Library Victoria

Such good recommendations!

9th Sep, 20

Thank you Inky

9th Sep, 20

wow these sound really good, i've got to add them to my tbr list!

13th Sep, 20

Thanks. My favourite of the lot is the Once series, it's amazing!!!

13th Sep, 20